Read Some of Our Amazing Stories

Blane Todd

I was a freshman in high school I skipped class a lot, and obviously, as a result I got very poor grades resulting in a low GPA. Going in to my sophomore year my future plans had turned into college being just a possibility.  If I went I would have been going to a local community college. Fortunately, I started going to The Family Learning Center.  Under the supervision of Brenda Lyle my life took a quick change.  Brenda, along with all of the other teachers involved in tutoring students, cared unconditionally about the success and futures of the kids at The Family Learning Center. There I got the push in the right direction that I needed. As I stopped skipping class I started doing all my work and with the help of the tutors I soon understood all the materials and my GPA got a lot better. I now am I a freshman at a four-year college in Boston. I received a $40,000-dollar academic scholarship. Because of the academic skills I acquired at the learning center I went from not being able to handle the freedom of high school to being involved with my schools community service program, playing rugby as well as holding a secretary position on the team, and maintaining A's in a full time college schedule.

Robert Jaquez

Growing up in the neighborhood that I did didn't always give kids the best odds on succeeding. The younger kids with the influence of the teenagers end up hanging out on the streets and up to no good. A lot even end up in gangs. Needless to say with a person youth being spent hanging around gangs in the streets there is a very low chance of them actually doing something good and productive with their life. For me and a few other kids I grew up with, hanging out in the streets was not an option, thanks to Brenda Lyle. When I had free time I would be in The Family Learning Center keeping up on my school work, and working on getting in to college and getting a job (which I now have both) and when there was no work to be done the FLC would take the kinds on field trips so we would have good places to be and be surrounded by good positive influences.

Jasmine Cooper

The Family Learning Center is a lot more than just an organization committed to tutoring students. As the name implies it's a family too. There's a big difference between going a building where you are one on one with some tutor you don't know trying to learn something, than when you are in a community of a bunch of your peers and multiple tutors who are all very inspirational to your learning and even beneficial to social skills. The people I met at the FLC became my very close group of friends who I wouldn't have otherwise met. I also got the option of working at the FLC and this was an amazing eye opening experience. I had heard about kids who were in 8th or 9th grade and still couldn't read but never actually witnessed it, there I was exposed to this and got to be part of helping people learn such a necessary thing. It was the best experience of my life so far.

JB Hall

Being in high school its not exactly easy to find someone willing to help you with all of your school work which can be pretty tough some times. Often times the case is that you can only get good help if you can pay tons of money for a tutor. The Family Learning Center is a place where students can get the help they need. The FLC makes sure "students of color" and anyone else who wants to come gets all the help that they need. Along with the academic help they offer the FLC also has students participate in projects for companies that really help us learn to think creatively with a competitive edge. I learned how to set a goal, and make a plan to reach it.

Geoffrey Todd

Throughout my high school career, the family learning center provided me with much more than the necessary tools I would need to graduate, it gave me a place where I could enjoy learning, meet new friends, and most importantly obtain real world experience that most people don't get until they've graduated from college. The most memorable real world experience I remember from the learning center was during the summer before my senior year. The FLC got in contact with Noodles & Company, who set up a competition for a new in store recipe. My group met with multiple chefs and corporate managers. Although our recipe did not win, I learned so much about the restaurant industry and created many memories that will surely last a lifetime.