Our Journey

Every day 7,000 American students drop out of school, and 42 million Americans cannot read, write, or perform simple math. According to the National Right To Read Foundation, 50 million Americans cannot read past the fourth grade level and only 34 percent of Colorado's third graders are proficient in reading. This is an early predictor for prison incarceration.

As one community, the FLC is proud of its many accomplishments; both academic achievements of individual students and whole families who are empowered to achieve their highest potential. Recent achievements include:

  • 100% of FLC seniors graduated from high school
  • 95% of high school students were accepted into college
  • Over 100 preschool children attended the FLC pre-kindergarten readiness program; 100% of these children made a 50% gain in literacy skills
  • Outreach services distributed $60,000 in contributions of food, clothing, and household items to over 1,000 families
  • Over 500 children started school with school supplies provided by theFLC
  • Provided 50 low-income adults with ESL instruction, GED classes and career development classes
  • 100 adults completed comprehensive literacy education